Saturday, 27 August 2016

The Village Show.

Village Show (2016)

64th Hanley Swan and Hanley Castle Village Show
& Car Boot
August Bank Holiday weekend – Saturday 27th August 2016
Hanley Swan Village Hall
Doors open at 1.30 pm

This Year’s Show 2016

We hope you are looking forward to one of the major social events in the village calendar, as we start the preparations for the show once again. This year we have a number of categories to celebrate our village, both in the photography, and literature, we do hope you find this interesting to challenge your talents.
The Plant Stall will be here again this year, where we sell donated plants and produce. So if you have any surplus produce from your garden, or spare plants you don’t want to overwinter, your donations would be very welcome. These can be left at the Village Hall on either the Friday afternoon or the Saturday morning of the show.
We will have the local group of musician’s back, 4Tunes, to provide us with some music to entertain; they gave such a lovely atmosphere to last year’s show. After the success of the limerick last year, we are keeping with the poetry theme, but asking for a simple poem about The Hanleys. Anything that inspires you about our beautiful village, be it social, humorous, or the countryside. Whatever represents our village life.

The Car Boot is on!

The annual clear out of your garage and loft is as popular as ever. The costs is £7 a boot. Access to the field on Saturday for Car Boots is from 12.00 onwards – but please remember the show itself opens at 1.30 pm.

Teas and Cakes

Wonderful refreshments and home made cakes will be available from 1.00 pm onwards courtesy of the kind volunteers from the Hanley Castle WI. The added bonus of Bacon Baps is also on the cards.     

From the Village Website

We endeavour to enter some classes in the show, although we do not grow anything specifically for the show bench, I usually also enter the photography sections.
We also encourage our two granddaughters to enter in the children's sections.

The stage is set with a table laden with cups donated by villagers over the 64 years of the show.
Staging of exhibits has to be completed by 10.30am when judging begins.

Some impressive onions...

...and leeks...

...the children's and photo classes.

One of the many floral art sections, this one with an Olympics theme 'Road to Rio'...

...this was the winning arrangement in the 'Your Majesty' section.

My David Howard dahlias didn't win a prize...

...happily Thomas A Edison won first in its class...

...and the Pelargonium 'Frank Hedley' won third.

My photo won first prize in the photography class 'The Hanleys', it is a view looking across the village pond towards the Swan Inn.

The real stars of the show for us were the grandchildren, below are some of their prize winning exhibits.
Louise's vegetable animal... work...


...miniature garden...

...and pizza.

Rebecca's vegetable owl...

... a heart birthday card in the children's art class...

...her miniature garden...

...and her necklace in handicraft, please read the note describing how she made it...

...and finally her cup cakes in terracotta pots promoting the NGS open gardens charity.

Rebecca won five firsts and one second with six entries.
Here receiving one of her many cups and rosettes.

This event is well supported both with village and outside competitors including some specialist growers. The majority are, like us, just doing it to support the show, it is a bonus if you win anything.
Congratulations should also go to the committee that organises the show, it is a huge amount of work.

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  1. Thank you Brian for a lovely write up, and lots of pictures! Thanks also to your family for entering into the show, lovely to see such talent.

    1. It is great to see the show so successful with lots of entries. I can appreciate the amount of work involved in arranging it.

  2. It's great that up and down the country there are still shows like this that are well supported and turn up such unexpected talent sometimes. I remember a lot of noses being put out of joint in the village when someone from ourside entered nearly every class one year and swept the board. My children spent half their summer holidays preparing exhibits and were thrilled to win 20p prize money!
    I particularly like the cup cakes in terracotta pots and the miniature garden.

    1. Thanks Anne, we use to enter into local shows when we were children, we are now encouraging the next generation.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Sue. I wish I could grow vegetables as well as you do, I would have some to show then!

  4. It was such fun to have a peek at your local show Brian - Thomas Edison is lovely and I think I shall be adding him to my garden next year. Your grandchildren's entries were so good and the miniature garden was an absolute delight! Well done to all!

    1. Thanks Cathy, I hope you enjoyed your recent travels.

  5. I love those miniature gardens, and I agree that the pendant should be worn with pride :) And, may I ask, what are Bacon Baps? Sounds tasty...!

    1. Thank you Amy. A bacon Bap is a round, burger type bread roll filled with bacon. Those shape rolls are called baps in the UK.

  6. The show sounds great fun. I found myself thinking very wistfully about the tea and cakes. Your family did very well and you have a very talented grand daughter, anyone would be very proud to wear the beautiful heart medallion. Amelia

    1. Thank you Amelia, I thought she was very talented to make the medallion.

  7. Congratulations to all of you - what a talented family. I am growing Thomas A Edison this year although I don't think mine would win any prizes!

    1. I didn't think mine would until the morning of the show when this bloom had fully opened over night.

  8. Oh that looks like a most enjoyable do Brian. Congratulations to all of you on your well deserved prizes. Your photo of the village pond at Hanley brings back some happy memories.

    1. Thanks Anna, I hope you venture this way again sometime.

  9. I love these village shows, they are such an English way of rural life. Thank you for showing us your show. I love your dahlia and your grandchildrens' contributions are amazing.


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