About Me.

I originally trained in Agriculture, specialising in the Dairy Sector.
My parents and Grandparents, who lived next door, both had a large traditional garden with vegetables, flowers, orchard, chickens and bees.
I have always had a garden and now work part time as a Freelance Gardener for a few select clients, (i.e. desperate).
I am Chairman of the Black Pear Gardening Club, and group co-ordinator for the Hanley Swan NGS  open gardens. I love wildlife (except slugs), enjoy Jazz, Red wine Rioja (if your asking), Lapsang Souchong tea, (Ditto), Photography, Oh and of course Gardening.

Some of my favourite flowers.


Dahlias especially David Howard



This garden feature had a certain attraction when I saw it at the Harrogate Autumn Show this year.

I have five garden related slide show presentations, if you are within 30 miles of WR8 and interested in more information please email me: skeysbrian@gmail.com

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