The Birds & The Bees.

Observing birds in the garden and feeding them is, for me, an important element of enjoying the garden.
On this page I will tweet 'Birdie' events in the garden.
An excellent Birdie garden blog is: shirlsgardenwatch

In the summer the garden is also visited by a range of different insects.
I will also post insect pictures when I capture them.

The main bird feeder is on the patio just outside the dining room, ideal for bird watching, with three more around the garden.

A Gardener's Friend.

I spy food!

Going in for Breakfast.

Do you come here often?

28/11/14  Female Blackcap arrives on the bird feeders.
Is this a sign of colder weather on the way?
I have noticed in previous winters the female is the first to arrive.
They are a very aggressive little bird, for the first few weeks after arriving it spends all its time chasing other birds away from the feeders.

Female Blackcap.

29/11/14 Wren chirping away, I can hear it in the house above 'Jools' on the CD. How can such a small bird make so much noise!

Well someone has to clear up the spillages!

4.12.14 Mr & Mrs Blackbird arrive looking for their breakfast under the bird feeders.

Gold Finches are always around, their numbers just increase during cold weather.

Along with Great Tits & Blue Tits.

A Blue Tit feeding on the fat balls.

One rare, welcome winter visitor is the Long Tailed Tit.
Arrived today 9.12.14.

Long Tailed Tit.
Male Blackcap arrived today. 13.12.14 Trying to get a photo!

Blue Tit finds the new nut feeder.

Male blackcap.
He is a very elusive bird it has taken me till 3.1.15 to catch him on camera.

Red Poll's on the niger seed feeder...

...and Goldfinch.

A small Tortoiseshell on the Swan Neck, Lysimachia clethroides.

Oh no!

A Small Tortoiseshell butterfly and Buff Tailed Bumblebee on a Eryngium Giganteum.

 Astrantia Major visited by a Gatekeeper. 
A male Black Cap arrived on the bird feeders today, 8th November 2016. This is earlier than last year,  due, I guess to the winter weather having arrived 'Up North'.

Click on any photo to create a slide show.


  1. Brian, a great idea to 'diary list' your birdie events like this (thanks again for the mention and link). I'm going to take a guess that this will be a very long page by the end of winter and then there's Spring with nesting birds too - I'm guessing you get a few there with you :-)

    Very impressed by the number and range of feeders you have sited in your garden, I've noticed spreading them around as you've done helps spread the queues and increases the species visiting as some favour one area over another. I've got a good window view to mine also and it can be hard to walk away at times.

    Wishing you many birdie events in your garden! I completely agree with what you say in your intro. Observing and feeding birds in a garden can add so much to the enjoyment of it - pre blog and bird feeders I had no idea of quite how much :-)

  2. Thanks Shirley, the more shy birds use the feeders further away from the house and gives the less aggressive birds more options.


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