Friday, 26 June 2015

'Hot Peppers.'

Wednesday evening Our Garden@19 was the venue for the Upton upon Severn 'Hot Peppers' W.I. garden party.

Daughter Mary, who is secretary of the group took care of the BBQ...

...the Jamie Oliver apron makes all the difference...

...a formal meeting was held under the watchful eye of the county adviser...

...before drink and food was consumed...

Irene & I sat quietly in the background helping to eat the food and sample the drink... may be wondering why they are called the 'Hot Peppers' W.I.

The old church at Upton upon Severn is affectionally known locally as 'The Pepper Pot' due to its shape. You can read more about its history Here

The garden is planted by Upton in Bloom.

Why 'HOT' Peppers I have no idea!

To see if you can find out visit their Facebook page Here


  1. It sounds and looks as if it was a good do Brian. We've stayed in Upton a few times so know the old church.

    1. They all seemed to enjoy themselves. I hope you enjoyed your visits to Upton Anna.

  2. Looks as if you all had a wonderful time Brian, someone has to sample the drink!

    1. It is lovely to see the garden being enjoyed by others, if some food and drink comes with it so much the better!

  3. I'm sure the WI were grateful to have their meeting held in your beautiful garden Brian.
    I'll bet a good time was had by all.

    1. They did seem to enjoy themselves, Angie.


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