Tuesday 21 March 2017


Hello, thank you for visiting my blog: Our Garden@19.

I have been developing a new blog about my interest in photography on WordPress along-side publishing Our garden@19
After much thought I decided in January to merge the two together, if you haven't visited the new blog, it can be found here:  brimfields.com 

I hope those of you who have been following Our garden@19, over the two years, it has been published, or new ones, will now follow.brimfields.com

Thank you for you support and encouragement.

Brian Skeys.

Sunday 22 January 2017

Visiting Trentham Gardens.

Trentham Gardens, to read more about our visit there please click on brimfields.com where all my new posts are now being published. If you wish to receive regular posts when they are published please click on "follow" via email on brimfields.com