Sunday, 22 March 2015


Little Malvern Court, open today for the NGS,  the description below is from the Yellow Book.

"10 acres attached to former Benedictine Priory, magnificent views over Severn valley. Garden rooms and terrace around house designed and planted in early 1980s; chain of lakes; wide variety of spring bulbs, flowering trees and shrubs. Notable collection of old-fashioned roses. Topiary hedge and fine trees."

Today was a beautiful sunny day, with blue sky, ideal for reflection.

Originally medieval fish ponds.

Formal gardens surround the house...

With the Malvern Hills as a backdrop.

Trained fruit trees along the tunnel.

A horseshoe of pleached limes...

With an Ivy Chair.
Topiary shadows.
Clear views across the Severn valley.

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To view more gardens please visit the Worcestershire Gardens page.


  1. That body of water makes for some stunning shots Brian - well done. Nice structure from all the topiary too.

    1. You almost what to go home and dig a lake!

  2. Now that looks like a most fine garden to visit on a what was a beautiful spring day. I'm off to check my copy of the Yellow Book Brian to see if it opens later in the year. I imagine it is given the collection of roses :)

  3. That is one lovely garden, even at this time of the year.
    Like you we are opening for the NGS this year, and there seems to be a mountain to climb to get it ready !

    1. Time does seem to be flying by. When is your garden open?

  4. Gorgeous series of photos; the reflections and colours are captivating.

    1. Thank you Linda. I was lucky on the day with the clear blue sky creating ideal conditions for reflections in the lakes.


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