Friday, 13 February 2015


"The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit."
 Nelson Henderson. 

My choice for the tree following meme, the Acer negundo 'Flamingo', has not changed much since January. For February, I have decided to post about the other trees in Our Garden@19.

In my dreams if there is one addition I would make to the garden it would be a small Arboretum.

We do benefit from a shared landscape of our neighbours trees, a large copper beech.

and a Silver Birch, which look wonderful in Autumn.

and during Winter.

We also inherited a flowering Cherry...

...and a Magnolia soulangeana.

We have planted quite a number since we have been here, in what is a relatively small garden.

Malus Golden Hornet.
Which has beautiful blossom...

...and fruit for the birds.

Malus Worcester Pearmain was an obvious choice also the Herefordshire Russett, Kidd's Orange Red because of its sharp/sweet, juicy flavour and an espalier trained Blenheim Orange.

Blenheim Orange behind a raised bed.
There are also two pears trained over an archway leading off the patio... 

...the flowers of which are as pretty as any in the garden.
Pyrus 'Invincible'
I am gradually planting more shrubs and trees, in the hope that the garden and I 'mature' slowly together and therefore remains manageable!
The two most recent ones are...

Acer griseum.

And The Snake Bark Maple.

Bud of the Snakebark Maple.

with its beautiful bark and acid green spring leaves.

A. tegmentosum Snakebark Maple.
In the area I call the never ending woodland walk (Delusions of Grandeur) is a Sorbus Eastern Promise...

...and a Liquidamber slyraciflua 'Stella' with its wonderful autumn colour.

Finnishing with what I like to call our 'Champion Tree'

Prunus serrula with its wonderful bark.

Everyone who visits the garden likes to stroke this tree.

We are fortunate to have near us an excellent nursery specialising in trees and shrubs.
 For contact information of Grange Farm Nursery, click on the link below:

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  1. I do love Beeches, I grew up in a garden with 3 which seemed huge to me then but probably werent.
    I do like your trained pears. I have some step over apples but now I am wondering about training some pears around an arch like yours.

    1. The pear Invincible is very good, and the flowers are as pretty as any rose.

  2. You have chosen some fabulous trees for your garden. I love trees too and it is awful knowing that however many we have, there are always so many more wonderful trees that we haven' t room for. I love your Prunus serrula.
    Out of interest, if you could only have one tree what would it be?

    1. It would be the Prunus serrula, Chloris with the Pear a close second.

  3. wow! (that would be the bark)

    1. The bark is very attractive, it is great to receive comments from the USA, Hollis.

  4. That's an excellent dream - to have an arboretum; though I think I'd dream of a fruit garden. (Would have been good to hear more of your Tree Following acer. Bet there's something of interest about it even in February!)


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