Thursday, 20 November 2014



We may well ask that question several times between now and the end of May. 
The NGS is a charity we have long supported helping friends who open their gardens and of course visiting NGS open gardens buying tea, cake and plants!
We have opened Our Garden@19 for 3 years as part of the village church fund raising group.
This experience along with our two partner gardens has encouraged us to open for the NGS.

Ready for visitors!


Irene suggested I do it, if I have learnt nothing after over 40 years of married life it is that I should give careful consideration to any suggestions coming from that direction!
The garden is an important part of my life, I enjoy sitting in the garden with a glass of red or a cup of tea and just absorbing nature and the atmosphere, trees, flowers, grasses, shrubs and wildlife especially the birds, they all contribute to Our Garden@19.
It is satisfying to see your efforts rewarded with seeds germinating, plants growing and flowering just as you planned! We enjoy sharing Our Garden@19 with family, friends members of the Black Pear Gardening Club and visitors.
Writing a blog is a chance to share the garden and my photos with many more enthusiastic gardeners
I enjoy reading other blogs ( See my lists) sharing their gardens, triumphs and problems.
Opening for the NGS does seem a good starting point to create a journal/diary.

Acer griseum in the Autumn sunlight.
I hope you enjoy reading Our Garden@19.  If you do please leave your comments,
 I look forward to reading them.
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  1. Just to say welcome to the world of blogging Brian :) Opening for the NGS must be both so exciting and nerve-wracking too I imagine. When's the big day? I'm looking forward to seeing more of your garden over the next few months and wish you good luck with your preparations for opening.

    1. Thank you Anna, For your encouragement. The date is the 30th-31st May.

  2. Opening for NGS is a wonderful reason, I hope preparations go well Brian.

  3. Love the blog Brian...thanks for inviting me to look. So looking forward to the opening next year. The date is in the diary. What a team you have too. It has been great reading all about how you developed the garden and I know where to write if I need garden info. now...Monty is so hard to get hold of these days! So here's to
    Hanleys Monty! ....good luck with the preparations. Love and best wishes to you all

    1. Thanks Caroline, We may Hanley's version of Nigel ( Gardeners World ) in The Team. I am not so sure about Hanley's Monty!


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